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If you’re looking for a place where you’re not only free to, but encouraged to take your research to the next level, SENTIR Research Labs was established with you in mind. Your new research home awaits. 

All too often, researchers feel restrained in their ability to conduct research and development how they see fit due to red tape or bureaucratic restrictions. Obstacles to progress can be immensely frustrating and slow the advancement of projects — even halting them altogether. SENTIR Research Labs prides itself as an organization that strives to strike the perfect balance of support and autonomy for its researchers. SENTIR is a place where trust drives innovation and solutions are celebrated. 

SENTIR Research Labs provides the resources and space necessary for researchers to conduct research and development. Not only to solve problems for the commercial industry, but also for sensitive government operations. Because of the sensitive nature of the research process, SENTIR sets itself apart as a place where the details of research projects and the protection of intellectual property (IP) are deeply respected. Researchers of all stripes can feel confident that SENTIR will guard their work throughout the research and development process. 

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SENTIR Research Labs exists first-and-foremost for the benefit of researchers. Our mission extends to the broadest spheres of science and technology. Whether your passion project involves innovative aerospace engineering to increase flight safety, biomechanical engineering to help increase patient quality of life, or developing the next generation of cybersecurity technology to keep data safe, all STEM-based research initiatives are candidates to receive the support they need from SENTIR Research Labs. 

To increase lab efficiency and coordinate administrative needs, SENTIR employs many helpful project managers experienced in research and development initiatives. These project managers allow researchers to retain their focus on project progression. 

SENTIR recognizes that researchers are happiest and most productive when they are left to do what they do best — research. This idea guides the process of the commercialization of solutions developed with SENTIR’s help. SENTIR employs experienced commercialization professionals to ensure that viable solutions are appropriately prepared for commercial benefit or government service. All intellectual property rights, production deals, and use agreements are thoroughly respected.

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  • These research opportunities are so new that we’re in the process of adding them to the website. However, just as soon as we have all of the details compiled, they will all be neatly displayed right here. For questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Thank you for your patience.

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