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If you're an ambitious business builder looking for a role that is not only challenging but also immensely gratifying, SENTIR Research Labs wants you. This is your opportunity to manage groundbreaking scientific and technological research as well as the companies they create.  

The Solution for Engineering New Technology and Innovative Research (SENTIR) was established to optimize the solution-seeking process for the country's leading researchers. Researchers at SENTIR Research Labs are provided the tools and resources they need to solve the country's STEM-based problems. SENTIR then specializes in the commercialization of viable solutions for the free market and government application, building new companies in Tulsa, OK. 

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As a SENTIR Manager, your efforts will optimize the research and development efforts that aim to solve some of the country's most pressing problems. This role is intended for those in search of challenging yet immensely gratifying work. A SENTIR Manager must also have an entrepreneurial spirit, converting groundbreaking research into companies that market innovative products and services.

How's living in the Midwest sound? This opportunity is optimal for those who believe in the ingenuity of America's Heartland. There are a variety of reasons why SENTIR chose Tulsa, Oklahoma as their home and there are even more reasons why you should as well. A manager with SENTIR can enjoy the luxury of Tulsa's rich cultural heritage, family-focused atmosphere, variety of leisure attractions, and low cost of living. Feel at home in Tulsa, OK and with SENTIR Research Labs.

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  • These management opportunities are so new that we’re in the process of adding them to the website. However, just as soon as we have all of the details compiled, they will all be neatly displayed right here. For questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Thank you for your patience.

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