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SENTIR Research Labs is unique as it creates investment opportunities across many advanced technological frontiers while also fostering innovation companies that can serve both the free markets and federal markets. 

The Solution for Engineering New Technology and Innovative Research (SENTIR) was first developed as a research organization dedicated to supporting the future of American innovation. Our business building process is unique as we evaluate innovation and intellectual property and determine its value potential in three markets – federal contracting, federal research and commercial markets. If there is the potential to serve one or more of these markets with a high valuation company, SENTIR and a blend of experienced entrepreneurial partners collaboratively create and manage the new venture.

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Are you looking for a promising, American-based investment opportunity? It’s never been a more exciting time to be a tech investor in Oklahoma. SENTIR provides a unique opportunity to connect with some of the newest, most innovative technology companies that are proud to call the United States home. Every company grown by way of SENTIR’s unique development process has been thoroughly vetted by a team of technological and commercial development specialists for quality assurance. SENTIR helps you connect with a wide variety of early-stage investment opportunities in companies developing innovative solutions to pressing problems — all while creating American jobs.

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  • These investment opportunities are so new that we’re in the process of adding them to the website. However, just as soon as we have all of the details compiled, they will all be neatly displayed right here. For questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Thank you for your patience.

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