Meet Our Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Clint Parr

A person of diverse ability, Clint wears several important hats with SENTIR Research Labs. Acting as the Chief  Commercialization, Strategy, and Marketing Officer, Clint uses his decades of entrepreneurial experience to the benefit of SENTIR and it’s many associated companies. Clint’s experience with business development ranges from smaller startups to well-established publicly-traded companies and everything in between. 

Clint’s robust commercial background is supported by his time at Baylor University, where he obtained his Bachelor’s of Entrepreneurship followed by a Master’s Degree from the University of Tulsa. His experience has been developed as a Tulsa-based technopreneur over the past 25 years. Clint is a commercialization expert — helping guide engineers and researchers down the path of what is required to turn an innovative idea into a viable product, service, or company.

When asked what Clint enjoys doing in his off-hours, he simply replied, 

“Food and fitness, in that order.”