Meet Our Chief Executive Officer, STI-TEC

Charles Colon III

As CEO, Chuck is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of SENTIR. He is directly involved with the entire process of identifying research teams, research projects, commercialization, identifying/mentoring community, and industry partners as well as connecting with federal opportunities. Chuck is a graduate of Colorado State University-Pueblo, where he received his Bachelor’s of Industrial Science and Technology. Since then, he has been providing innovative technology solutions to customers for over 30 years in the federal marketplace as well as with privately held companies. 

Chuck has assembled teams and built organizations around entities in need of industrious resources — helping them to meet their mission requirements for the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, and many others. He is a strong advocate to entrepreneurs, providing mentorship in navigating the complicated process of conducting business with the federal government. With SENTIR, Chuck seeks the “ah-ha” moments — when a solution addresses a known opportunity to improve a process for a business entity. 

Dedicated to his community, he’s also volunteered with Special Olympics of Oklahoma, Tulsa Boys Club, Spirit of Youth, and other community organizations. He enjoys supporting local sports teams, local artists, and frequenting local businesses. He also enjoys exploring diverse environments and interacting with different communities all over the world.